When Should You Start Planning Your New Orangery?

Extending a kitchen with an orangery can be a great way to create a bright, spacious, and welcoming living area that seamlessly connects your indoor and outdoor spaces. Here are some general steps you can follow to extend your kitchen with an orangery:

1. Winter Planning for Spring Action

January marks the beginning of the year, making it an ideal time to start planning your orangery. While the weather might be chilly, laying the groundwork during winter allows you to gear up for construction in the more favorable spring months. This strategic approach ensures you’re ready to bring your orangery vision to life as the weather warms up..

2. Allow for Lead Time

Planning ahead is not just about choosing the right season; it’s also about accounting for lead time. From design consultations to obtaining necessary permissions and ensuring the availability of materials, starting early in the year provides a buffer, ensuring a seamless flow from planning to construction. The UK weather can also be a hindrance especially in the early stages of any potential groundwork, so early planning is essential.

    3. Winter Budgeting

    January is an opportune time to revisit your financial goals and budget for your orangery project. Assessing your finances early in the year allows you to allocate resources wisely, explore financing options, and set a realistic budget for your dream orangery. Whether it’s a small orangery extension ideas or a large orangery extension, at Surrey Orangery we will be on hand to help you through all aspects of budgeting.

    4.  Coordinate with Other Renovations

    If you have additional home renovation plans, consider coordinating them with your orangery project. Aligning multiple projects can lead to efficiencies in time and cost, providing a more streamlined overall renovation experience.

    5. Personal Calendar Considerations

    Take a look at your personal calendar and commitments. Avoid planning your orangery construction during periods with significant family events, holidays, or personal commitments to ensure that your attention can be fully devoted to the project.

    6. Navigate Local Regulations Early

    Navigating local regulations and obtaining necessary planning can take time. Starting the planning process in January allows for any potential delays in securing permits with the local planning department and ensures that you’re orangery complies with local building codes. As part of your build, Surrey Orangery is on hand to help you through this process.

    7. Plan for Future Enjoyment

    If you have a specific date or event in mind for enjoying your orangery, planning in January is the key. Taking the time to plan ensures a more relaxed construction pace, reducing stress, and allowing you to savor the completed orangery at your own pace.

    In conclusion, January is an excellent time to start planning your new orangery in Surrey. By considering these factors and beginning the process early in the year, you set the stage for a successful orangery construction experience.

    Ready to transform your home with a bespoke orangery? Contact Surrey Orangery today to initiate the planning process and turn your January vision into a reality.

    If you would like to learn more about how you can add a bespoke Orangery to your home in Surrey, please contact us, and we will be more than happy to provide guidance and discuss your options.

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