10 Orangery Design Ideas for a Stunning Home Transformation

Extending a kitchen with an orangery can be a great way to create a bright, spacious, and welcoming living area that seamlessly connects your indoor and outdoor spaces. Here are some general steps you can follow to extend your kitchen with an orangery:

1. Tall Windows for Abundant Light

Surrey Orangery’s design philosophy emphasises the use of tall windows to flood your living space with natural light. Floor-to-ceiling windows not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your orangery but also provide breath taking views of your surroundings. Embrace the beauty of sunlight streaming through these expansive windows, creating an inviting atmosphere throughout the day.

2. Capture the Sunset with Thoughtful Placement

Careful consideration of the orangery’s orientation allows you to capture the mesmerising beauty of the sunset. Imagine unwinding in your orangery, enjoying the vibrant hues of the evening sky. Surrey Orangery ensures that your living space is not only a haven for daylight but also a front-row seat to nature’s nightly spectacle..

    3. Large Roof Lantern as a Striking Centrepiece

    Elevate your orangery’s design with a large roof lantern from Surrey Orangery. This architectural masterpiece not only adds grandeur to your space but also serves as a focal point, allowing even more natural light to permeate the room. The result is a captivating and welcoming environment that effortlessly blends style and functionality.

    4.  Innovative Entertainment with TV and Ceiling Speakers

    Elevate your orangery experience with modern entertainment options. Surrey Orangery seamlessly integrates television screens and discreet ceiling speakers, allowing you to enjoy your favourite shows, movies, or music in the heart of your home. The result is a versatile space that caters to both relaxation and entertainment. 

    5. Seamless Indoor and Outdoor Living Spaces

    Surrey Orangery promotes the seamless integration of indoor and outdoor living. Bi-fold or sliding doors create an uninterrupted flow between your orangery and the surrounding landscape. Enjoy the best of both worlds as you extend your living space onto a patio or garden, creating a harmonious connection with nature.

    6. Sleek Lines with Aluminium Windows

    Surrey Orangery emphasises sleek design using aluminium windows. The clean lines and modern aesthetic of aluminium effortlessly complement the orangery’s architecture. This material not only enhances the contemporary appeal but also ensures durability and low maintenance, making it a practical choice for your orangery.

    7. Efficient Heating Solutions for Year-Round Comfort

    Surrey Orangery understands the importance of year-round comfort. Invest in efficient heating solutions such as underfloor heating or discrete radiators. This ensures that your orangery remains a cosy retreat, allowing you to enjoy its beauty in every season.

    8. Versatility in Function: Kitchen, Study, Dining Room, or Snug

    Surrey Orangery offers versatile design options to suit your lifestyle. Transform your orangery into a stylish kitchen, a serene study, a tranquil reading room, an elegant dining space, or a cosy snug. The possibilities are endless, and Surrey Orangery ensures that your vision becomes a reality.

    9. Ambient Lighting for a Welcoming Atmosphere

    Lighting plays a crucial role in creating the desired ambiance. Surrey Orangery integrates ambient lighting solutions that enhance the warmth and welcoming feel of your space. From pendant lights to strategically placed spotlights, your orangery will radiate a captivating glow day and night.

    10. Floor Covering for Comfort and Style

    Surrey Orangery pays attention to every detail, including the choice of floor covering. Opt for stylish and durable materials like stone or ceramic tiles, complemented by plush rugs for added comfort. This ensures that your orangery not only looks stunning but also remains a functional and inviting space.

    With Surrey Orangery’s commitment to design excellence and functionality, you can transform your home into a haven of style and comfort. By incorporating these ten design ideas, your orangery will become a true reflection of your lifestyle, capturing the essence of natural light, providing versatile living spaces, and offering a seamless blend of indoor and outdoor living. Embark on the journey of home transformation with Surrey Orangery, where sophistication meets practicality.

    If you would like to learn more about how you can add a bespoke Orangery to your home in Surrey, please contact us, and we will be more than happy to provide guidance and discuss your options.

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