Garden Rooms and Timber Orangeries in Woking | Choosing and Caring for Plants in an Orangery

Are you considering a few of your own design options for one of our timber orangeries ahead of a forthcoming project? Do you already have an orangery or a garden room and need fresh ideas on how to utilise the interior space? Homeowners in the Woking area use their bespoke orangeries in a variety of ways. These home additions add extra living space, so there is always scope available for creating a multi-purpose room.

As an established orangery company, we encourage users to explore new ways of cultivating plants in their added space. Bespoke orangeries are synonymous with plant cultivation. They first became popular in the 17th century. In this period, the wealthy built them to house citrus trees and tender exotic plants. These species couldn’t grow naturally over here, but orangeries offered the perfect artificial environment.

Today, our orangery company uses advanced glazing technology, and this makes it easy to maintain a regulated ambient temperature all year round. Because orangeries already link to the interiors of Woking properties, and garden rooms often sit close to native outdoor plants anyway, both make the ideal place to introduce some exotic greenery and colour.

Whether you have one of our aluminium, UPVC or timber orangeries, or a glass room, our guide will help you to choose suitable plants and show you how to care for them all.

Bespoke Orangeries | The Best Plants to Choose

Because your orangery is a light-filled room, much like a glass summerhouse or a similar garden building, it is advisable to choose plants which won’t need shade to thrive. Victorian plant collectors opted for lush greenery so think along the lines of grand ferns or even palm trees.

The team at our orangery company also recommends creating stunning displays for your Woking home with colourful orchids.

Citrus Plants

With scented flowers, evergreen leaves and colourful fruits, citrus plants are a popular choice. If you have one of our timber orangeries or glass garden rooms, their depth and character will complement either. You can achieve a similar effect with UPVC orangeries designed to mimic timber finishes. The Citrus Madurensis (a type of orange) eventually grows into a small tree which bears a colourful fruit.

As an added benefit, this species flowers year-round too.

The Meyer Lemon is a cross between the citron and the mandarin orange. It loves the light, so it makes another great choice for bespoke orangeries in the Woking area.

Plants with Scent

If the idea of dining by candlelight on a warm summer night while surrounded by exotic, fragrant and flowering plants seems like a distant dream, bring it to life. Our orangery company can create the perfect space for ideas to become a reality. A great choice for scented plants is the Stephanotis Floribunda. This is an evergreen shrub with white flowers.

It opens between late spring and the early autumn.

If your orangery or glass room is unheated, Jasminum Azoricum is a hardy climber that can handle temperatures down to 0°C. Don’t forget classics too, like Narcissi and Hyacinth.

Plants for Colour

With a succession of flowering plants, you can create a colourful centrepiece for your Woking home. Of course, your individual choices will usually revolve around the design and colour scheme within aluminium, UPVC and timber orangeries, and inside our glass or timber garden rooms.

Our orangery company recommends the following:

  • Bougainvillaea
  • Pelargoniums
  • Lilies
  • Fuchsia
  • Mandevilla
  • Plumbago Capensis

When it comes to caring for plants in bespoke orangeries or garden rooms, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Ventilation – Good ventilation is the key to healthy plants. Open windows in summer and vents in winter to allow for air circulation.
  • Create Humidity – Very few plants enjoy dry air. Spray leaves with water or lay a miniature pool to create your own humid microclimate.
  • Don’t Overwater – Giving your plants too much water is never a good thing, especially in winter. Keep liberal watering to the summer.

Surrey Orangery plans, designs and builds. Our bespoke services in Woking create new room space, tailored to your needs, and ready for you to stylise as you wish. You can see examples of our previous work here on our company website.

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