Aluminium, UPVC and Timber Orangeries in Reigate | Popular Uses for Bespoke & Modern Orangeries

What is the first thing that appeals to you about bespoke and modern Orangeries in Reigate? Is it their class and sophistication? Do you prefer the warm, natural character of timber orangeries, or the low-maintenance style of aluminium and UPVC frames? How could a garden room change the way you live or work? Each and every homeowner in Reigate and the surrounding areas will have their own answer, of course, but one thing that appeals to all is the versatile space our orangery company can create.

Bespoke orangeries and garden rooms provide you with a unique opportunity to create stunning, light-filled space built for a specific purpose. Because we design to a unique specification, we can be creative and manage a project to your exact needs.

So, what are some of the most popular ways to use an orangery or a garden room? If you’re looking for inspiration for a project of your own, this page takes a closer look at how some of our previous customers in Reigate and Surrey use their builds. Our orangery company can construct aluminium, UPVC or timber orangeries, and glass or timber garden rooms.

Our turnkey services include help with planning approval.

Dynamic Kitchens

In most cases, we build orangeries to the rear of properties in the Reigate area. This usually puts them in better proximity to the existing kitchen. For many, creating a larger kitchen is a driving inspiration. Combining the kitchen with an orangery to add more space has become a fast-growing trend over recent years. We have already designed numerous bespoke orangeries around this particular purpose.

With additional space and increased natural light, you’ll want to spend even more time in this practical and social home hub.

The Dining Experience

Have you always dreamed of eating breakfast in one of our traditional timber orangeries, or sitting down for dinner in one of our aluminium or uPVC alternatives as the golden hour eases into night? Whatever your preferences, our orangery company in Reigate can deliver a build for your property that turns your personal dining experience into something genuinely unique, and one that you can very much make your own.

Bespoke orangeries provide a weather-safe alternative to al fresco dining in an unpredictable UK climate.

If you would like to learn more about how you can add a bespoke Orangery to your home in Surrey, please contact us, and we will be more than happy to provide guidance and discuss your options.

Working from Home

An increasing number of people in the local area were already making the switch to working from home long before the first Coronavirus lockdown. Since then, more companies and employees have made a permanent or semi-permanent decision not to travel into work unnecessarily. Unless they have a spare room available inside their Reigate homes, many of these people now need a dedicated place to work during the week. Bespoke orangeries and garden rooms are unique environments rich in natural light. A garden room, in particular, makes for a great office because it sits away from busy parts of a home.
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Relaxation Spots

Of course, your intended use doesn’t have to be set in stone. Our orangery company can still plan and design a functional room with an emphasis on nothing more than your personal enjoyment. With impressive acoustic insulation and glass panels which offer a nice view of the garden, our aluminium, UPVC and timber orangeries make great spots to relax in. Put a sofa or a favourite chair in a prime position, get yourself comfortable and watch the world pass by with a good book, a cup of tea or even a cheeky glass of wine.

Dual-Purpose Space

With larger bespoke orangeries, there’s no reason at all to only use an addition to your Reigate home for one purpose. If you wish to, you could have us create a combined kitchen and dining area. Alternatively, integrate some relaxation space into a home office so you can take regular breaks. Creating a dual-purpose environment optimises what our orangery company can do for you and for your property. It’s worth remembering that orangeries originally served as somewhere to cultivate exotic and tender plants. This is still a great way to complement timber orangeries traditionally, or to add colour to glass and timber garden rooms.
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