Aluminium, UPVC, and Timber Orangeries in Leatherhead | Popular Uses for Bespoke & Modern Orangeries

What initially catches your eye about bespoke and modern Orangeries in Leatherhead? Is it their class and sophistication? Do you lean towards the warm, natural character of timber orangeries, or the low-maintenance style of aluminium and UPVC frames? How might a garden room change the way you live or work? Each homeowner in Leatherhead and the surrounding areas will have their own answer, of course, but one thing that appeals to all is the versatile space our orangery company can create.

Modern orangeries and garden rooms offer you a unique opportunity to create stunning, light-filled spaces built for a specific purpose. Because we design to a unique specification, we can be creative and manage a project to your exact needs.

So, what are some of the most popular ways to use an orangery or a garden room? If you’re looking for inspiration for a project of your own, this page takes a closer look at how some of our previous customers in Leatherhead and Surrey use their builds. Our orangery company can construct aluminium, UPVC, or timber orangeries, and glass or timber garden rooms.

Our turnkey services include help with planning approval.

Dynamic Kitchens

Typically, our orangeries in the Leatherhead vicinity are constructed at the rear of properties, often in closer proximity to the existing kitchen. For many, the primary motivation is to expand the kitchen area. The merging of the kitchen with a modern orangery to amplify space has seen significant popularity in recent years. We’ve already crafted numerous bespoke orangeries tailored for this very purpose.

With the added space and enhanced natural light, you’ll find yourself drawn to this functional and sociable home hub, spending even more time in it.




The Dining Experience

Have you ever imagined enjoying breakfast in one of our classic timber orangeries or indulging in dinner within our sleek aluminium or UPVC alternatives as the evening transitions into twilight? Whatever your inclination, our orangery company in Leatherhead is poised to create a bespoke build for your property, transforming your dining experience into something truly distinctive, uniquely yours.

Bespoke orangeries offer a sheltered alternative to dining al fresco in the unpredictable UK weather, ensuring you can savor your meals regardless of the elements.


If you would like to learn more about how you can add a bespoke Orangery to your home in Surrey, please contact us, and we will be more than happy to provide guidance and discuss your options.

Working from Home

Even before the initial Coronavirus lockdown, a growing number of individuals in the local area had begun transitioning to remote work. Since then, more companies and employees have opted for a permanent or semi-permanent arrangement, avoiding unnecessary commutes. However, for those lacking a spare room within their Leatherhead homes, a dedicated workspace during the week has become essential.

Modern orangeries and garden rooms offer distinctive environments abundant in natural light. Particularly, a garden room serves as an excellent office space due to its separation from the bustling areas of a home.

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Relaxation Spots

Certainly, your initial purpose doesn’t have to be rigidly defined. As an orangery company in Leatherhead, Surrey Orangery, we are adept at planning and designing a versatile room focused solely on your personal pleasure.

With outstanding acoustic insulation and glass panels providing delightful views of the garden, our modern and bespoke orangeries serve as perfect retreats for relaxation.

Position a sofa or your favorite chair in a choice spot, settle in, and observe the world go by with a good book, a cup of tea, or perhaps even a cheeky glass of wine.


Dual-Purpose Space

With larger bespoke orangeries, there’s no need to confine their use to a single purpose. If you desire, we can fashion a combined kitchen and dining area for your new orangery in Leatherhead. Alternatively, infuse some relaxation space into a home office to facilitate regular breaks. Crafting a dual-purpose environment maximizes the potential of what our orangery company can offer for you and your property.

It’s important to recall that orangeries originally served as spaces to nurture exotic and delicate plants. This remains a wonderful way to enhance the traditional charm of timber orangeries or inject color into glass and timber garden rooms.

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