Garden Rooms and Bespoke Orangeries in Guildford | A Great Property Addition

Are you looking for ways to develop your existing home? More owners in Guildford than ever before are following the advice to improve, not move. Do you already have your dream home but would like a little more living space? Are you worried about moving, given the current housing market and economic situation? Whatever your circumstances, our orangery company can help. From timber orangeries to glass garden rooms, we deliver stunning additions fit for any home.

As a specialist in bespoke orangeries, we offer a tailored service from start to finish. Our turnkey operations ensure you receive a space built for a specific purpose, and one that blends in seamlessly with the original property.

What is it that makes these home additions so special? Below, we list the main reasons why our aluminium, UPVC and timber orangeries, and our glass and timber garden rooms, make such a good investment for the discerning property owner.

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Part of Your Property Structure

For most property owners, practical living space and natural light are priorities. When it comes to development projects, some options, like home extensions and conservatories, don’t necessarily tick every box. The former creates much-needed additional space but may not provide enough natural light. The latter lets daylight flood in but can sometimes feel too separated from the rest of your Guildford home.

Bespoke orangeries and garden rooms combine the best of both worlds. With ample brickwork, large windows and lantern roofs, orangeries are sympathetic to your property’s existing design. Our orangery company finishes interiors flawlessly with plaster, brickwork and insulation. This creates a smooth transition from your home’s original interior to a new room..

A Versatile, Light-Filled Room

Whether you choose one of our aluminium or timber orangeries, a UPVC style, or even one of our increasingly popular garden rooms, you will have warm, insulated room space available for year-round use. This makes our builds ideal for playrooms, studying, office use and even yoga. Whichever option you choose, you won’t face any temperature-related limitations.

When designed correctly, bespoke orangeries in Guildford are never too hot or too cold. But, if you find you need to block out the light at times, our orangery company can fit a beautiful set of matching shutters or blinds for you.

If you would like to learn more about how you can add a bespoke Orangery to your home in Surrey, please contact us, and we will be more than happy to provide guidance and discuss your options.

Impressive Energy Efficiency

Like most home additions, orangeries and garden rooms might need building control approval before the final sign-off and certification. As such, the finished structure must meet the latest stringent standards for energy efficiency. Because bespoke orangeries, in particular, create an open link to the rest of your home’s interior, you may find that your house is markedly cooler in summer and comfortably warmer in winter.

This is possible because our orangery company uses the latest in advanced solar glass. What’s more, our timber orangeries have natural insulative qualities while our aluminium and uPVC models have frames with similar attributes. This combination creates a true energy-efficient environment.s change.

You Might Not Need Planning Approval

Depending on the size of your orangery or garden room, the unique dimensions of your Guildford property, and the layout of the surrounding land, you may not need prior planning permission. When it comes to permitted development rights, our bespoke orangeries and garden rooms will often fall into the same bracket as a standard single-storey home extension.

As such, you can bypass local authority consent if your addition meets all necessary criteria, including:

  • A finished build with a maximum height of 4 metres
  • It doesn’t cover over 50% of land around the home

Like any reputable orangery company, we will always clarify your specific situation during our initial consultation. Whether you are interested in aluminium, UPVC or timber orangeries, or a garden room, we can tailor our services from the outset to deliver results which exceed your expectations.

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