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Orangeries in Woking, Guildford and Surrey | Planning and Regulations

Have you got your heart set on adding an orangery to your home? These property additions inspire on many levels. Be it an improvement to the quality of your lifestyle, a change in aesthetics, revelling in new living space or spending more time building memories with the family, bespoke orangeries can fire the imagination. But it is just as important to consider how permitted development rights, planning approval and the current UK Building Regulations relate to your project.

The friendly team at our orangery company shares 60 years of combined trade experience. From our home location of East Horsley, we complete projects in all areas across Surrey including Aldershot, Cobham, Epsom, Guildford, Kingston, Oxshott, Reigate and Woking.

We have a deep understanding of planning permission and the regulatory requirements that surround the construction of bespoke orangeries. We also understand how individual parts of the UK Building Regulations might pertain to the project.

Your own orangery will have its own unique specification and there is no one-size-fits-all solution to planning.

What we will do is offer you a consultation at your home with a representative from our professional team, without charge or obligation. Our meeting with you will clarify exactly where you stand, and we will let you know if your proposed project falls within permitted development rights or needs planning permission. We also explain how using qualified tradesmen can make our orangeries compliant with UK Building Regulations.

Like any reputable orangery company, we communicate clearly with you at all times to ensure you’re never left in the dark.

Bespoke Orangeries | Planning Permission

First and foremost, if a new structure in Guildford, Kingston, Reigate, Woking or Surrey requires planning permission, Surrey Orangery will liaise with the local authority for the area on your behalf. It isn’t always the case that you’ll need to apply for planning permission before construction can begin. If your property addition falls within criteria for permitted development, you will not need local authority approval.

To fall inside permitted development rights, bespoke orangeries must meet certain guidelines.

If you live in a listed building or a conservation area, you will usually need planning permission for your orangery.

While our orangery company normally builds the structure to the rear of the home, there are guidelines for side and front-facing developments too. For example, bespoke orangeries that sit closer to the roadside than the original home will need planning approval. Failure to secure permission could result in a hefty fine from your local authority, who can also demand the demolition of any unauthorised build.

This is why it is so vital to have an experienced orangery company managing your project from the outset. We have experience in aluminium, UPVC and timber orangeries, having completed builds in our key service areas of Guildford, Kingston, Reigate and Woking, and across all parts of Surrey.

Bespoke Orangeries | Building Regulations

While permitted development rights allow you to build an orangery without approval, the structure still needs to comply with specific regulations. Because of an open-plan design that links to the existing home and the extensive use of brickwork, an orangery isn’t a separate structure. This means it isn’t exempt from the current UK Building Regulations.

There are still size and material criteria that qualify for exemption, but this is very much a case-by-case consideration.

Our orangery company consistently meets the standards set in the UK Building Regulations, using qualified tradesmen for critical electrical and plumbing work. We consider everything from structural integrity to energy efficiency, scheduling inspections with a building control officer or a competent person at the appropriate points of construction.

This process results in a hassle-free sign-off to the job and the presentation of a completion certificate.

At Surrey Orangery, our turnkey business operations cover all aspects associated with bespoke orangeries. Homeowners in the Guildford, Kingston, Reigate and Woking areas, and customers across the county, trust our start-to-finish service.

We’re not the biggest, but we’re a great little company.

Call 01483 281 612 or 07951 535 663 to schedule an initial consultation. When it comes to orangeries in Guildford, Woking and Surrey, we guarantee a legal and compliant build.